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For decades, more and more money has been spent on education about health and on health products. Accordingly, one would expect disease rates to fall steadily. After all, if a lot of money is invested in health, the result should be less illness. Surprisingly, the opposite is the case: if you look at the prevalence of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, obesity and the like, you can clearly see that they are rising continuously.

Why? Because the approach we are taking doesn’t work. It is too general, too one-sided. Healthcare does not function with standardized offers, but is individualized and highly personalized.

Reformhaus® shops, as a leading source of inspiration for a vital life, are also aware of this and for this reason have invited Origem Medical Group to this year’s Summer Symposium.

Once a year, the operators of the approximately 900 Reformhaus® in German-speaking countries meet at the Reformhaus® Academy for Healthy Living in Oberursel (near Frankfurt am Main) to discuss the future of the health food stores. For this purpose, top-class speakers and market experts are invited, as well as representatives of selected products offered in the Reformhaus®.

In addition to Prof. Dr. Andreas Kaapke, Origem Medical also gave a presentation. The response to the topic of personalized health was overwhelming and thus impressively demonstrated the importance of the path that the Origem Medical Group has been following decidedly for years. The presentations by Christian Felber (Gemeinwohlökonomie), Felix Muxel (CEO of Gruppe Nymphenburg Consult AG), Heinz Grüne (Rheingold Institut) and others also underlined the importance of personalized health solutions, which accompany current megatrends and show ways out of current crises.

Reformhaus® is an authentic brand that cares as much about the efficacy and relevance to health of the products it offers as Origem Medical Group does. That is probably why the Origem team felt exceptionally comfortable on site.

We look forward to working with Reformhaus® stores to start personalized nutrition on a good path.

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