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Biobalance bei Wir für Gesundheit

Since May 1, 2024, our ORIGEM group company BIOBALANCE is part of the Wir für Gesundheit benefits program.

Wir für Gesundheit (WfG) is the largest German quality network for health. Through WfG, companies throughout Germany enable their employees to access medical care and high-level health insurance. This includes health budgets for promoting employee health for flexible use.

Over 100,000 people already have access to the benefits program through the WfG PLUSCARD and can choose from discounted health, wellness, and fitness offers, among other things.

“By joining the Wir für Gesundheit benefits program, we can offer our BIOBALANCE self-test to a much larger audience. The BIOBALANCE test allows you to conveniently test from home which foods your body is currently reacting negatively to”, says BIOBALANCE Managing Director Hendrik Gude about the benefits partnership.

Wir für Gesundheit focuses on people and their health. An impressive network has been built up in recent years. This convinced us greatly and fits perfectly with our strategy to expand our offerings in promoting employee health.”

“Who hasn’t experienced it? Unexplained headaches in the morning, concentration problems at work, or digestive issues. A BIOBALANCE test can provide clarity and certainty about which foods are currently not good for your body. This way, you can improve your diet, well-being, performance, and overall health. We are pleased to offer BIOBALANCE to our PLUSCARD holders through the benefits program,” says Wir für Gesundheit Managing Director Silvio Rahr.

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