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Our ORIGEM Group company BIOBALANCE is expanding its presence in workplace health promotion and has concluded another important partnership.

Since June 2024, BIOBALANCE has been an acceptance partner of the RegioHealth network and offers the BIOBALANCE food reaction test via the GesundheitsTicket (health ticket) as well as via HealthVoucher.

GesundheitsTicket GmbH offers employers the organisation of external company health care via a GesundheitsTicket, which is topped up with a tax-free amount for individual health care. Employees can then use this GesundheitsTicket to pay for healthcare services, such as the BIOBALANCE test.

HealthVouchers can be purchased privately and as a tax-free employee gift by employers, given as gifts and used as a payment method in the nationwide GesundheitsPartner:innen (HealthPartner:innen) network.

“In the RegioHealth Netzwerk, we have found a partner with whom we have been on the same wavelength from the very first day of talks. A real win-win partner. The first few weeks in the network have already shown that the BIOBALANCE test has been very well received by members and that there is strong demand for it. We are extremely delighted and look forward to everything that awaits us together,” says BIOBALANCE project manager Niklas Nagel.

“With BIOBALANCE, we were able to gain a partner that we didn’t have in this form before. This has enabled us to expand our range of nutritional products for our members and close an important gap. Everyone is familiar with complaints such as tiredness, exhaustion or concentration problems. With the BIOBALANCE test, our members can now test whether certain foods in their diet favour these complaints. A great addition to our network,” says Chris Lombardt, Managing Director of the RegioHealth Netzwerk and GesundheitsTicket GmbH.

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