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Nobel Prize for Research on TKTL1 Gene

Origem Medical Group is delighted with its client, scientist Dr Johannes Coy: the gene which he discovered back in 1996, TKTL1 (Transketolase-Like 1), is currently receiving a great deal of attention and recognition.

TKTL1 is the main focus of research of the physician and biologist Svante Pääbo, who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine in autumn of 2022. Pääbo received the award for his far-reaching and groundbreaking research and findings on human evolution.

In his work, Pääbo showed, among other things, that modern humans carry a variant of the protein TKTL1 that differs from that of Neanderthals by only one amino acid. This difference, however, plays a key role in brain development and has probably served as a decisive advantage for modern humans over their extinct relative.

For the molecular biologist and cancer researcher Coy, this means the well-deserved recognition of decades of work. We look forward to continuing on this path with him in the future.

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