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Milestone: PanTum Detect® part of HanseMerkur early detection programme Krebs-Scan

Origem Medical’s consultancy SWYTCH has successfully advised and supported its client Zyagnum AG in the integration of Zyagnum’s blood test PanTum Detect® into the HanseMerkur Insurance Group’s early detection programme Cancer Scan.

We are very pleased for and with Zyagnum AG about the achievement of this milestone.

SWYTCH has been advising Zyagnum AG extensively for many years in the areas of corporate strategy, communications, marketing, PR and internationalisation.

The HanseMerkur Insurance Group successfully launched the cancer screening programme Krebs-Scan, which combines Zyagnum AG’s PanTum Detect® blood test with the strengths of imaging methods (PET/CT and MRI).

More than half a million people in Germany are newly diagnosed with cancer every year. For over 55% of these new cancer cases, however, there is currently no regular early detection. Cancer Scan aims to close this screening gap. A large-scale study at the University Medical Centre Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) with over 5,000 participants was able to prove the effectiveness of this procedure.

PanTum Detect® detects the enzymes TKTL1 and DNaseX (Apo10), which are already produced by many tumours in early, symptomless phases. If PanTum Detect® provides an initial suspicion, this is clarified in a second step within the cancer scan programme using the most modern imaging methods.

In this way, a large number of cancers or precancerous lesions can be detected particularly early. This is particularly important because, as a rule, the earlier cancers are detected, the better their chances of being cured.

It makes us proud and grateful to be able to accompany Zyagnum AG as SWYTCH in this so important task and we look forward to further cooperation.


For more information on Cancer Scan and PanTum Detect®, please click here:


About Zyagnum:
Zyagnum AG, a biotechnology company based in Darmstadt, Germany, develops diagnostic solutions for human medicine. Zyagnum has a profound understanding of immunological processes and their connection with diseases. For example, the EDIM® technology developed by Zyagnum can be used in blood tests to detect specific antigens in immune cells that may play a role in tumour development. The company currently employs 33 people and was founded by Zyagnum CEO Ralf Schierl together with Johannes Coy in 2007.

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