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Performance improvement

BIOBALANCE sports program: Advice from the world champion

Train like the pros – BIOBALANCE Performance Training makes it possible. With its Performance Training program, BIOBALANCE has successfully launched an innovative sports program for endurance athletes. Under the direction of Daniel Braun, himself a world champion in duathlon and an experienced triathlete and coach, athletes of all levels have the chance to reach their full potential.

Daniel works as a nutritionist and coach for BIOBALANCE Performance Training. The program combines personal coaching (including training plan advice and mental coaching) with comprehensive blood diagnostics and an individual nutrition and supplement strategy that is precisely tailored to the needs and goals of each participant.

With his expertise in nutritional science and his many years of experience in endurance sports, Daniel advises, motivates and inspires the participants. Together with a team of experts, he analyzes the results of the blood diagnostics and advises on training and nutritional adjustments in order to achieve each participant’s individual goals – from a new Ironman personal best time to the simple-sounding wish to be able to train continuously for once without recurring setbacks due to illness-related breaks.

BIOBALANCE Performance Training is aimed at all athletes, regardless of age or physical fitness. It is designed to exploit the individual potential of each participant and to adapt the training to their needs.

Further information on BIOBALANCE Performance Training can be found here:

Biobalance GmbH is part of the Origem Medical Group.

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