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Haroon Ahmad talks to Johannes Coy, discoverer of the TKTL1 gene

Another video co-production of ORIGEM and SCRIPT Consult about the focus topic TKTL1 (transketolase-like-1) for ORIGEM client Zyagnum AG has been successfully completed and went online.

During the 11-minute segment of the talk, Origem Medical Group’s CEO Haroon Ahmad speaks with Zyagnum co-founder and TKTL1 discoverer Dr. Johannes Coy.

In the lively two-way conversation, the two shed light on the future of medicine and, in particular, early cancer detection and cancer therapy against the backdrop of the latest scientific findings on the TKTL1 gene discovered by Coy.

In the interview, Coy emphasizes that the latest knowledge about the sugar metabolism controlled by TKTL1 not only allows cancer to be detected earlier, but also makes cancer therapies more effective. Accordingly, the chances of cure and survival rates of cancer patients should increase significantly in the future.

TKTL1 acts as a protective shield for cancer, which immune cells bounce off of, says Coy. If TKTL1 can be inhibited, the patient’s own immune system has a good chance of eliminating much of the tumor at an early stage. This finding opens up completely new perspectives for immunotherapy.

In the interview, Coy pleads for a “reset in terms of human metabolic pathways” in light of prevailing textbook opinions and now available latest findings: “We will rethink medicine.”

To learn more about TKTL1 and ORIGEM customer Zyagnum AG, visit: and

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