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We are thrilled with our BIOBALANCE triathlete Svenja Thoes about a “year of superlatives” (quote Svenja Thoes).

Svenja finished the 2022 season with 11 starts, an outstanding 5 victories (including 3 Ironman) and a total of 8 podium spots.

After she achieved the 2nd Ironman victory of her career at the Ironman France in Nice in June, the next 1st place followed immediately in August at the Ironman Ireland in Cork. But even this should not remain the last one in the past year: Only 8 days after finishing third at the Triath’Long Royan on the French Atlantic coast, Svenja was already back on top of the podium at the Ironman Italy Emilia-Romagna in Cervia – her 3rd Ironman victory within a year. Before the season began, her only Ironman victory to date had been in 2018. What a journey!

True to her creed “I will finish what I start”, she ran the final marathon at Ironman Cozumel at walking pace to the finish line despite an injury.

Our BIOBALANCE team has been supporting Svenja since 2019 to achieve her ambitious goals and we extend our heartfelt congratulations for this incredibly successful year!

The absolute highlight of the 2023 season is the Ironman Hawaii in October. We wish you lots of fun with your preparations and much success, but above all the best of health!

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