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Gold, gold and once again gold.

The HanseMerkur Insurance Group was awarded the Gold Innovation Prize of the Insurance Industry 2023 by Versicherungsmagazin and the analysis company MORGEN & MORGEN for its cancer screening programme Krebs-Scan.

A jury of experts chose Krebs-Scan as the winner for innovative insurance products in all three categories: product design & insurance technology, customer benefits and digitalisation.

At the heart of the supplementary insurance Krebs-Scan is the PanTum Detect® blood test carried out annually by our client Zyagnum AG. In combination with modern imaging (PET/CT and MRI), PanTum Detect® helps to detect tumours at an early stage. Cancer Scan accompanies the insured from the initial suspicion to the final diagnosis and provides support in the event of a necessary therapy.

In its verdict, the jury emphasised the “very high added value for both customers and insurers”, “because the earlier an illness can be detected and treated, the more advantageous and cost-effective it is for everyone involved”.

We congratulate HanseMerkur and our client Zyagnum on this success and the once again impressive confirmation of the work done around the equally innovative and important product Krebs-Scan.

The Origem Medical consultancy SWYTCH closely supported Zyagnum in the integration of the PanTum Detect® blood test into the cancer screening programme Krebs-Scan.

SWYTCH has been advising Zyagnum AG extensively for many years in the areas of corporate strategy, communication, marketing, PR and internationalisation.

To the press release of the Innovation Award of the Insurance Industry 2023. (German version only)

Further information on Krebs-Scan and PanTum Detect® can be found here:

About Zyagnum:
The Darmstadt-based biotechnology company Zyagnum AG develops diagnostic solutions for human medicine. Zyagnum has a profound understanding of immunological processes and their connection with diseases. For example, the EDIM® technology developed by Zyagnum can be used in blood tests to detect specific antigens in immune cells that may play a role in tumour development. Today, the company employs more than 40 people and was founded by Zyagnum CEO Ralf Schierl together with Johannes Coy in 2007.

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