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ORIGEM interview production now available online: Cancer researcher Dr. Coy on key gene TKTL1.

Milestone project completed. ORIGEM’s major TKTL1 interview production with TKTL1 gene discoverer and cancer researcher Dr Johannes Coy is online.

It tells the fascinating story of science. At the center: a pivotal human gene that Coy discovered back in 1995.

For decades, he has postulated that TKTL1 provides central properties for the human organism and for decades he was ridiculed, criticised and stigmatised for this.

And now? In 2022, the Nobel Prize in Medicine will be awarded to Svante Pääbo. At the centre of his work – TKTL1!

TKTL1 controls the cell cycle, is responsible for the development of the cognitive abilities that allowed Homo sapiens to overtake Neanderthals and is also responsible for the dangerous cell proliferation in cancer.

We interviewed our long-term partner and Zyagnum AG co-founder Dr. Johannes Coy and heard his story…

The implications for medicine are enormous.

A big thank you also to our friends from SCRIPT Consult, who produced the interview with us.

Find out more about TKTL1 and ORIGEM client Zyagnum AG at:

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